Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby Hat by the Seat of my Pants

My friends and I volunteer for Stitches From the Heart, an organization who make baby hats, blankets, booties, etc. and donate them to hospitals. Every year we have a booth at the fair, and this year was no different. We accept donations right at the fair, and in the morning we had a bag of odd-ball yarns donated. I picked a yarn i liked and got to work, even though it was black. 
 I started at the top so as to gauge how much yarn I had to work with.  As I was running out of the black, we found a green/blue yarn that I could incorporate.  I used slipped stitches to integrate the green. I think it turned out pretty well, even thought its a black baby hat, and it gave me the opportunity to tell people we accept yarn! We'll figure out a way to use it. I'll work out the pattern and share it on

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