Monday, July 14, 2008

Newsies hat

I wanted a Newsies hat!
And at first I found a pattern online, and got a yarn with the same gauge, knitted the whole hat, tried it on, and the yarn was apparently too thick because it turned out looking more like a fez, or more likely, a dunce cap. I found a post on someones blog where they used the Stitch and Bitch Nation pattern, and it turned out rather cute. So I bought the book, and found a yarn among my collection that could work, and this hat turned out a lot better. Instead of the stockinette stitch panels that run up the hat, i decided I'd use my stitch library, and found a lace pattern so I could wear it in summertime. Its not perfect, but it turned out pretty well. I made it with Red Heart Soft Yarn (which actually is soft) in Off White. I'll probably end up making more in other colors.


Miss 376 said...

This looks great, one of the best hats I've seen

Anonymous said...

Very cute:) I was looking for a crochet pattern when I came upon your blog:)

D Ragsdale said...

I love your hat and want to make one for my daughter, like your white one. I am having trouble finding a lace pattern that fits and was wondering if you could tell me the lace pattern or stitch that you used.


Ariel Barbre said...

Always glad to help a fellow knitter. The lace pattern I used is called "lattice" its just a simple repeat of k2tog, yo. You can even make the lattice go the other direction by yo, k2tog. It didn't exactly fit, but because it was only a 2 stitch repeat, it made it easier to decrease in the pattern. I hope this helps!