Monday, May 31, 2010

Viking Balaclava

There are so many neat patterns on the internet, and every once in a while, my brother, Evan, will find a neat one and ask me if I can make it.  Yes, of course I can (as long as it isn't a crochet pattern...)  He sent me a picture of a moustached balaclava, and I found a viking one that I thought was neater, and so did he.  After he agreed to pay for the yarn (yay!) and I got his head measurements, I started the math, and started knitting. (I'll get a picture of him wearing it when I can)
Here's what I used:
Pattern:  Hat and Beard
Yarn: Wool Ease in Ranch Red (he really wanted a bright red!), Cocoa, Grey Heather, and Fisherman
To make the hat pattern into an adult size, I used size 10 dpns and because my brother's head is so big, added an extra round of increases.  Other than that, it was fairly similar to the pattern.  I stopped about 1.5 inches away from the hat edge to change to grey and make the rivet band.  I changed that around a bit, as you can see.  the rest was fairly simple.

I debated adding braids to it, but i'll let my brother decide.

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Miss Maria said...

This is freaking AMAZING. What adds to this post, and frankly, sends it into the stratosphere, is the pose you make to highlight the, well, vikingness of it all.

woo that was as lot of clauses