Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cascading Leaves Afghan Poll

I was going through my yarn collection trying to find uses for the yarns i had collected as well as looking over the patterns I had marked, and a gauge in a pattern matched a gauge for a yarn - oh happy day!  The original pattern was for Lion Brand Jiffy, and I ended up using Caron Simply Soft, which may present a little problem.  Jiffy has a mohair like texture and is thicker, which means the leaves pop out of the reverse stockinette background a little better than with caron, but I like the slick look of the Caron and its low cost. :)
So, now onto searching for low-cost options, I found mill-end yarn for sale on the caron website, but there's no gaurantee as to the color, and I wanted colors that would match the two grey skeins i already had, but onto ebay!  Ebay had a nice sage-green color - a whole pound.  I did a few of the squares (it requires 48) and weighed them on a gram scale, estimated the yarn i'd need, and bought a pound of mill ends in sage, and figured I would need another 2 skeins of another color, and chose dark sage (appropriate, i think). 

Now what I need from the 7 people who read my blog is an opinion on how the squares should be assembled.  I need 48 squares total; 8 grey and 20 each of the greens.  Here are a few ideas, you'll have to forgive the renderings!  Please vote in the poll to the right. Thanks!

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