Monday, September 29, 2008

Willow's Backpack

I'm moving soon, and so I've been going through my yarn stash to try and make use of it all before I leave, and I came across a few skeins of Lion Jiffy, and so I looked it up on their website to see what I could make. I'd also been looking for something to make for my high school friends' daughter. When she was a baby, I made a baby sweater that she soon grew out of, and I figured this was something that would take longer to grow out of. Plus, its machine wash- and dry-able, and that's helpful when you have kids. I found the free pattern online, and made it with Lion Brand Jiffy in Light Pink in garter stitch, and I added a crab stitch around the opening in a darker pink, along with the button. It turned out to be about 11 inches high. But beware, I couldn't match my gauge to theirs, even changing needles, so I used 10.5 needles and the ratio technique:
I knitted a gauge swatch, and divided how many rows it took me by their rows = row ratio,
divided how many stitches it took me by their stitches = stitch ratio, and then multiplied my ratio by how many stitches or rows they said to do.

New skills learned: I-cord

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