Saturday, April 26, 2008

Concentric Square Afghan

I started this when it was still a little cold, but with finals, it took me until now to finish it, when i wont be using it for a while. I get the e-mailings from Lion brand yarns, and this pattern was in one, and I thought it was neat looking, so i bought the pattern. Turns out, its pretty simple, just laborious.
It was knit in the round from the center with wool-ease, and took 4 size 8 circular needles to fit all the stitches in the end. It did give me an opportunity to try out the interchangeable circular needle system, which was pretty handy. It started with 8 stitches, and ended with over 700.
It's not perfectly square, so its hard to block, and thus hasn't stretched out completely, as I use it, i'm stretching it a bit.
I of course used Wool Ease as it called for in the pattern, but at the time I made it I didn't like the colors they used, so I chose instead to use:
Dark Grey, Forest Heather, Seaspray, Gray, Mink, Mushroom, Dusty Rose, Blush, Denim, and Wheat.


debbie said...

Very nice choice of colors. The design is very unique and would look good as a bed cover. Nice work.

xavijo said...
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xavijo said...

Hi - I would like to know where one could find the pattern for the concentric square. I saw a photo of a baby blanket made of smaller peices but cannot find the pattern anywhere and I love it. Please help. thanks. (BTW: I looked up Lion but they only have a crochet square - not cute)

Ariel Barbre said...

Always glad to help a fellow knitter (I dont crochet either) The concentric square is actually called "Centerpiece Treasure" and can be found here:
Please note, the pattern is no longer free. Good luck, and if you end up knitting it, please share the pictures!