Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I had always been crafty, and had done crosstitches since I was in middle school, but I had never really picked up knitting. I was visiting my mother and her friends one winter, and saw someone working with the trellis yarn. I remembered only the scratchy, 4-ply acrylic yarn from when I was a kid, and this new yarn intrigued me. I got some, started a project, and have been knitting ever since. I thought I was probably one of very few people my age who had an interest in knitting, but I went back to the dorms, and found more and more people I could talk to about it, learn from, and do projects with.

Now, I go to law school in Michigan and find knitting has several benefits in the cold winter weather, as well as the distraction from reading law books. Lately I’ve been teaching my fellow law school friends knitting, and it inspired me to share my projects with more people, including my friends back in California. Enjoy!

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