Monday, June 30, 2008

Ohio State winter coordinates for Kenny

My friend Kenny just moved from Florida to Ohio, and what better way to prepare him for a Midwest winter than a set of knitted goodies? He requested silver and scarlet for his Ohio State colors, and so I made them using a chevron theme. I'm not done with the gloves yet; they will be red with silver trim and black chevrons on the back of the hand. I'll get some pictures of him wearing them soon enough.
The scarf is made using size 7 needles and Lion brand wool ease using a simple chevron pattern:
knit first 4 rows (garter stitch) then start pattern:
odd rows: k2, k2tog, k6, yo, k1, yo, k6, sl1, k2tog, psso, k6, yo, k1, yo, k6, sl2 and knit together, k2.
even rows: Purl
The color stripes are just 2 rows of the color, and they naturally zig zag in the pattern.

The hat is knit in the round with with circular needles. I used the interchangeable needle system, and i really like it, i only had to unscrew the needles and left the knitting on the cord. The single rib on the bottom is made with size 6 and the body of the hat is size 7, with a simple 4 row repeat:
R1: P1, k3
R2: k1, p1, k5, p1
R3: k2, p1, k3, p1, k1
R4: k3, p1, k1, p1, k2
I just kept knitting until the hat was long enough (about 8") then bound off loosely. I left the tail long and sewed it together in a plus-sign shape.
I finished the gloves when I was down in Columbus with Kenny, and here they are. Hopefully i'll get some good pictures to add when he actually wears everything in winter!

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Miss 376 said...

This is really striking. The completed set will be fantastic