Sunday, January 18, 2009

Intarsia Sweater

I recently bought myself "Not Your Mama's Knitting" and found a very cute intarsia sweater pattern that I thought I would make for myself. I wanted to make changes to it, so I made it a little longer, and obviously picked out the designs I wanted on the front. For my first foray into Intarsia, I think it went pretty well. I had just moved, so I didnt' have a great selection of other colored yarns to use, but I still think its cute. Instead of using the Fisherman's wool the pattern called for, I used woolease in Fisherman so I could wash it easily. Using size 8 needles got me to the same gauge as the pattern, so it worked out remarkably well. It is designed to be seamless, so it was knit in the round, and the sleeves were knit separately and then joined in, and the underarms were grafted in - thank goodness no seams! It only took me a few short weeks, and now I have a soft, sweet little sweater to wear around, too bad its too hot!

Here are the items I used if you are interested:

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