Monday, May 31, 2010

Spades Scarf

I recently joined in order to buy the pattern for those cute slippers, and after I joined, found out what a great website it is for knitters.  I input all my needles so i can keep track, and I can add projects to do to organize them, stash yarn so i have it virtually organized, and i can assign projects to stashed yarns so I can use up my stash! (a great idea when you're moving).  In organizing my stash, i came upon a lot of yarns that i only had one skein, and some were a bit old.  One of which was this Lion Brand Microspun.  Its so small, what am i going to do with it?  Ravelry to the rescue!  I searched patterns that were on ravelry to find one that only required one skein of microspun yarn, and found this scarf.
 It was on the Martha Stewart website, and called for a different yarn, but the yarn I had could make gauge with size 5 needles.  This pattern also accomplished what i bought the yarn for in the first place- it was so soft, i wanted to make it into something that would be nice on my skin.  I'm calling it a "spades" scarf, because of the shape the front ends make.  It knit up very nicely, its in garter stitch with slipped stitch edges.

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