Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Felted Booties

We have tile floors in my home and so during the winter, we need to wear socks to keep our feet warm. I got a catalog in the mail, and saw some cute socks in it that looked like mary janes and thought they would be so cute, but the pattern wasnt accessible (i.e. not free) so I found the pattern for these on Lion Brand's website, got some yarn and started knitting. When you felt something, the original has to be so big, so the booties were huge as I was making them  The ankle bit doesn't get felted, so its a little strange. I felted them in the washing machine and they turned out great! they actually fit. Next time, i'll double knit the bottoms so that it will be thicker.

As I wore them, I noticed that i'd slip all over the floor.  It was fun...until someone got hurt.  So, i just took some puffy paint and made little spots on the bottom, that took care of the problem!

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