Tuesday, May 11, 2010

French Press Knits Slippers

After my slipper socks started falling apart, I thought I should make some new ones, but this time I wanted some that were cute, and with the wool i found on sale (yay!), i figured they should be knitted.  In searching for a pattern online, I came across tons of patterns, and none really impressed me until I came across this one from French Press Knits.  I thought they were so cute, but the pattern cost money.  So, now I spend a day debating whether to pay the money and just make good use of it or find another pattern.

Well, of course I bought it, and I made some purple slippers for my Mom because I knew she'd like them.  Then I had enough  yarn leftover from my pair of booties to make a pair of slippers for my Granny, who is always wearing socks or slippers.  They turned out so cute!  And this time, the sides and bottoms are plenty thick enough.  Good thing I bought extra wool yarn so I can make some for myself! Huzzah!

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